LeFor Lighting

LeFor is an electrical services company dedicated to LED lighting and energy efficiency... Supermarkets, shops, residential and others... we have been established since 2009 and in Miami FL since 2017, providing a quality service to all our clients.

We don't just install LED lamps... we illuminate your products and the way you see them.

Ing. Francisco Leon

Miami FL,

email: lefor@lefor.us


Committed to quality and customer satisfaction


Produce... Inst of Tracklighting warm light 3000K

Produce... Inst of Strips LED in Produce bins

Meat... Inst of Pink and warms LED lamps 1800K - 3000K

Inst of LED Day Lights super brite @Bravo Supermarket

Frozen Food... Inst of LED V Shape lamp 5ft 6000K 6,000lm

Dairy... inst of bomb LED 4ft 5000K 2,200lm

Inst of LED lamps HH 4" 4000K in the ceiling meat counter @Bravo Supermarket

Inst of electrical panel 3F / 208V / 250A... @Fourth Ave Supermarket ... Tallahassee

Inst of electrical panel 3F / 208V / 250A... @Price Choice Supermarket.

Inst of Strip RGB LED in Pool .... @Loly y Joan House ... Orlando FL

Inst of Parking light 300W LED / 36000lm... @price Choice Supermarket.

Inst of Parking lights 100W LED / 12000lm (wall pack) @Happy Supermarket.

Inst of LED Bulb 4ft 5000K / 2,200lms

@Food Fair Supermarket

Inst of panels LED 2x4 4000K.

@Food Fair Supermarket

Inst panels LED 2x2 5000K.

@Price Choice Supermarket



After... Inst of LED HH 6" lamps super brite

Kitchen... Inst of Warm 3000K LED Lamps HH 4"

@Marcos House.

Livingroom.... Inst of Warm 3000K LED Lamps HH 6"

@Marcos House.